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Customer Journey Mapping: How to be best prepared for an industry disruption!

September 7th, 2016
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To be successful in business a company must consider the customer experience. Much like going through Selfridges in London, where everything is meticulously set out to excite and entice consumers into purchasing items, the same method is widely used online. Companies like Amazon, Apple and other tangible goods sellers have been leveraging the bountiful possibilities of the online customer experience for many...

Customer Profiling: How Well Do You Know Your Customer?

The IT sector is quickly becoming more and more customer centric and as such, companies have to adapt their usual tried and trusted methodology in order to remain competitive. Customer profiling is one way of understanding a customer better and provides a company the basis to develop digital marketing initiatives that match with the demands of their customers. Similar to service/product development...

Challenges Facing IT Companies in Digital Marketing

June 9th, 2016
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Business is transforming across all sectors. We are living in the digital age and in order to remain competitive in the 21st century certain expectations must be met. Surprisingly, digital marketing is an area that IT companies have managed to successfully side step for a number of years. However, as the trend of customer centricity takes a firm grip on the industry...

How to Leverage Your LinkedIn Usage for Sales – As IT Solution Provider and Salesperson

May 24th, 2016

 84% of IT solutions providers actively leverage LinkedIn for their social media activities. LinkedIn focuses on bringing business professionals together. The ability to create company pages, post job openings and join industry discussion groups on LinkedIn helps businesses to recruit top personnel and generate leads. As an extremely effective channel for establishing a digital presence, sales people can make use of LinkedIn...

Alarming Insight: IT Solution Providers Struggle in Generating Demand Online

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In this article we highlight the three most alarming insights on the state of online lead generation at IT solution providers that we’ve developed on the back of the more than 100 website audits we’ve conducted for IT solution providers.93% of IT solution providers do not provide a mix of gated and non-gated contentWhile non-gated content helps to increase awareness of a...